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Saturday Morning Geekery: Relic Knights

Good morning! I hope your Saturday morning cartoons and coffee are treating you well. Thanks to Kickstarter, I spent the past few evenings obsessing over a new tabletop game called Relic Knights. This game looks to be a fun, over-the-top anime style table top game with awesome looking models and easy to learn game mechanics.

The simplicity of the game mechanics makes it easy to learn and non-intimidating. In my experience, tabletop games can be overwhelming when first learning and watching them. Relic Knights does not appear to have this issue, and basic game rules are learned rather quickly. Despite its apparent simplicity, it still appears to have the ability for high-level strategy . I’m still in the process of play-testing, but so far it’s been fun.

The thing that really caught my eye were the models. Miniature painting is something I enjoy to do, and wish I did more. Ever since I started, I’ve loved Soda Pop Miniatures‘ highly stylized anime models. They have been my goal when it comes to painting. Soda Pop has been working with Worthy Painting on the painting of all their models, and the results have been fabulous. Give Worthy Painting a look through for any painting inspiration you need.

How can you not love the color and styling of these models?

The prices to begin the game start at $50. With everything you are getting in the Kickstarter, I wouldn’t expect to see these prices anytime soon after game release. Whenever you get a moment, I highly recommend you go give Relic Knights a look and let me know what you think.